Sunday, April 21st
Search for Chametz after sundown: 8:20 pm

Monday, April 22nd
Fast of the First Born
Finish Eating Chametz: by 10:52am
Burn Chametz: By 12:00 noon
Candle Lighting Time:  7:35pm
Community Seder: 7:30pm

Tuesday, April 23rd | 1st day of Passover
Morning Services: 10:00am
Candle Lighting Time: After 8:35pm
Community Seder: 8:15pm

Wednesday, April 24th | 2nd Day of Passover
Morning Services: 10:00am
Holiday Ends: 8:36pm 

Shabbat, April 27th
Morning Services: 10:00am
Shabbat Ends : 8:39pm

Sunday, April 28th
Light Candles: 7:40pm

Monday, April 29th| 7th day of Passover
Morning Services: 10:00am
Light Candles: After 8:41pm

Tuesday, April 30th | Final Day of Passover
Morning Services: 10:00am
Yizkor Memorial Service: 11:00am
Farewelll meal: Moshiach Seudah 6:30pm
Passover Ends: 8:42pm