Shabbat Morning: 

  • 9:15 - Beginners level optional Torah study - All Are Welcome.
  • 10:00am - Services, Uplifting melodies, Hebrew English prayer books (G‑d understands all languages and accents)
  • 11:15 - Torah Reading and Rabbi Sermon.
  • 12:15 - Delicious Community Lunch on the Shabbatio. Join us as we celebrate community and meet some of the coolest members of the tribe SF has to offer. - All Are Welcome! 
  • Our outdoor Shul is a child friendly space with toys and books where your children can play and enjoy and make noise - guilt free. 


2nd  Saturday - Family Shul - 11:15am

  • Family Shul is a fun family Shabbat gathering with activates and special program for 0-5 years led by Morah Leah and 6-13 Led by Morah Mushky. Culminating in a delicious lunch enjoyed be all. 

2nd Sunday - Teffilin Club 8:30am 

  • Teffilin club is a fun monthly gathering where we get together for some Teffilin wrapping and a delicious breakfast.