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Local Information


Kosher Restaurants  

  • Sabra Grill - 419 Grant Ave. SF 94103 (2nd Floor) 415.982.3656
    Take out menu for shabbos - also available
    * under the Vaad Hakashrus of Northern California  
  • The Kitchen Table - 142 Castro St, Mountain View, CA (about 45 drive south of San Francisco) 650.390-9388    * under the Vaad Hakashrus of Northern California  

Kosher Food Stores


  • Albertson’s - 1750 Fulton St. 415-923-6411

Kosher baked products from various kosher bakeries (Albertsons bakery itself is not Kosher). A nice selection of frozen and fresh kosher products.

  • Israel’s Kosher Market - 5621 Geary Blvd @ 20th Avenue  415.752.3064

Under the Rabbinical Council of San Francisco (No on site mashgiach)  

  • Trader Joes and Mollie Stone have various locations through out the city and have a good selection of kosher itemes.

Shuls and Minyanim


Daily Minyan:  Shacharis M-F 7am

Sunday 8:30am. 415.386.8123.


  •  Toras Emes - 768 27th Ave - (415) 386-1830

Mincha/Maariv minyan daily. Call for times.

Shacharit M-F 7:15am

Mincha Marriv - Call for times.

Shabbos minyan and Sunday minyan at 9am

  • Anshai S'fard - 16th & Clement

Shacharit M-F 6:45am

Mincha Marriv - Call for times.

  • Magen David - 4th & Clement

Shacharit M-F 6:45am

Mincha Marriv - Call for times.

Kennest Israel - 873 Sutter Street. 415.771.3420 

  • This is the only shul down town. Minyan only on Shabbos. 

Shabbat Hospitality 


  • Chabad of Noe Valley - 3781 Cesar Chavez St. San Francisco CA 94110
  • Delicious Shabbat meals are served at Chabad of Noe Valley (Friday night at the Rabbis house and Shabbos lunch at the Shul) Please rsvp in advance! 415.648.8000 or email    
  • Please send your donation of your choice to Chabad of Noe Valley 3781 Cesar Chavez St. SF CA 94110 

1257 Guerrero St. SF CA 94110   415.821.0751     

1186 Noe St. SF CA 94114   415.282.4492


Lyns Bed and Breakfast 

 Lynne Maltz
3926 25thStreet San Francisco, CA 94114
m:415.601.7654     f: 415.962.4228




  • Mikvah Israel – Ladies only

3355 Sacramento Street (Between Walnut & Presidio

San Francisco, CA

Contact: Eva Brand 415.921.4070

  • Mikvah Tahras Israel

2520 Warring Street

Berkeley CA

Contact: Miriam Ferris 510.848.7221



Useful Links:

Jewish Resource site for the bay area

There are 30 Chabad centers in the Bay Area you can look them up by clicking on centers on the home page of this website.