High Holiday Reservations 5779

Although reservation are optional it does help us be better prepared, of course if you did not register for any reason don’t let that stop you from coming - after all that is more important.

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Services are free of charge. Your generous donation is greatly appreciated.


First Night Services, Sept. 9 Men Women Children
First Day Services, Sept. 10 Men Women Children
Second Day Services, Sept. 11 Men Women Children
Kol Nidrei, Sept. 18 Men Women Children
Yom Kippur Day, Sept. 19 Men Women Children
Break Fast - All Are Welcome 7:50pm    
Machzor/Prayerbook Sponsorship
Yes! I would like to sponsor Rosh Hashana Machzor(s) for $36 a Machzor
Yes! I would like to sponsor Yom Kippur Machzor(s) for $36 a Machzor

I will mail a check to Chabad of Noe Valley
mailing address: 3771 Cesar Chavez., San Francisco, CA 94110
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