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High Holidays

High Holidays



Looking for an inspiring High Holiday Experiance?


Join us at Chabad Noe Valley! 

Our services are meaningful and easy-to-follow. Watch the timeless prayer book come alive with heart warming stories, commentary and down to earth applications.

  • No Membership Fees (every Jew is a member)
  • Special Children's Program
  • Hebrew - English Prayer Books
  • Warm and Friendly Atmosphere

At Chabad there are: No labels. No differences. Chabad is a home for every kind of Jew! 

Our services are refreshingly casual, full of explanation and easy to follow. The English-Hebrew prayer book, along with song and commentary, make everyone an active participant. The kids will enjoy special a special Children's service, just for them.

So you’re invited! Services are free, your generous donation is greatly appreciated. All you have to do is show up! ( and reserve if you got the time) 

Looking forward to praying and swaying, singing and celebrating.... Together! All the way into the new year!  

Rabbi Gedalia & Leah.